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Biomaterials: selective adsorption of fibrinogen on a PS/PMMA blend identified by PEEM

WHO: Cynthia Morin, Tohru Araki, Adam Hitchcock
           John Brash, Rena Cornelius, McMaster University

WHERE:  Advanced Light Source  BL 7.3.1  PEEM
WHEN:   Feb 2003              POSTED:  09-Sep-03; updated 9-july-04; 31-Dec-05

WHAT:  Human serum fibrinogen was adsorbed from a 0.05 mg/ml solution onto a phase segregated polymer blend formed by spin coating a 30% polystyrene (PS), 70% polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) blend from dilute toluene solution (1 wt% polymer). A C 1s image sequence (49 energies, 280-320 eV) was recorded using the photoemission electron microscope (PEEM-2) at the ALS and analysed to generate component maps and the color composite map. Fits to spectra of the pixels with dominant PS, PMMA and Fg contributions (identified by threshold masking the component maps in the regions indicated) clearly demonstrate there is a strong preference for adsorption on the PS domains at this concentration. This preference agrees with non-spatially resolved studies of the adsorption isotherms using radiolabeled fibrinogen, which indicates a 2-fold preference for PS over PMMA. Click to exand the image.

(*) J. Electron Spectosc. 137-140 (2004) 785-794

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