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      The funding of the CLS provides for construction of the building, the booster and storage rings and up to 12 beam lines, with appropriate end stations. Proposals for beamlines are subject to international peer review by the CLS Facility Advisory Committee (FAC). The CLS Board and director use the FAC evaluation of the scientific and technical merits of proposals as the basis for approval. 
    Currently 10 beamline projects are approved. Several other beamline projects are being developed and will be submitting proposals (1-May-01) and are to be reviewed by the FAC reviewin the summer. Material on approved and proposed beamlines is provided in these pages.  Follow the links to learn about the currently approved and proposed beamlines at CLS.
    The present plans for straight section and bending magnet development allow for 10 insertion device and 22 bending magnet sources. With suitable design, multiple beamlines can be constructed from a single source point. Thus there is still lots of room for growth in the future. The storage ring is sited asymmetric in the building so that short and long beam lines can all be accomodated. The building is designed for relatively easy future expansion on the north side.

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