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Adam P. Hitchcock

Canada Research Chair

in Materials Research
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON
Canada L8S 4M1
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Nanoscale chemical analysis using scanning transmission X-ray Microscopy

GOAL: To develop improved methods of X-ray microscopy and to apply them to a variety of problems of
              technological and societal importance such as:

A) in situ electrochemical STXM - initially investigating metal electro-deposition and stripping, but ultimate goal is oxygen reduction reaction of fuel cells and CO2 electroreduction

B) Optimization of energy materials aided by soft X-ray microscopy

C) 4D chemical analysis - spectrotomography with STXM and/or ptychography. This project is technique oriented. Itwould continue the research begun by Juan Wu (PhD, 2018). Use of the new CLS cryo-STXM and improvements to acquisition, data analysis and presentation would be the focus.


NATURE of STUDIES: You will make X-ray microscopy measurements at the Canadian Light Source (Saskatoon, SK) assisted by others of the McMaster X-ray microscopy team. Depending on your interests and skills, you will be focused on a specific scientific problem, or you might assist with the development of a new instrument or in situ device. At McMaster you will analyze data, prepare samples, and help develop analytical software.

SKILLS ACQUIRED: Working in a group environment; knowledge of core excitation spectroscopy (NEXAFS); polymer microstructure; analytical microscopy; synchrotron radiation; programming (C++, LabView, IDL), experiment design and execution.

SPECIAL BENEFITS: travel (financially supported); close collaboration with industrial scientists ( Ballard, Great Wall Motors, etc). Expertise with synchrotron radiation instrumentation.


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