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Toner Particle Chemistry Studied by
Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy

(Map size 13 x 17 microns; 0.2 ms/pixel; ~20 minutes acquisition)


WHO:  Adam Hitchcock      McMaster University
             Hiromi Ikeura-Sekiguchi     Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
            Noriyuki Iwata, Katsuhiko Tani     Ricoh Company Ltd

WHERE:  Advanced Light Source  BL 7.0  STXM
WHEN:   18 Oct 2000                      POSTED:  06-Dec-00 (aph)

WHAT:  Toner particles used in modern copier devices, laser printers, etc are sophisticated multi-component materials. Optimization of their performance can be enhanced if the spatial distribution of the chemical components can be measured. Image sequences are recorded with the scanning transmission X-ray microscope at the Advanced Light Source and converted to quantitative chemical maps. The image sequence above gave rise to the map at the right, in which the red, green and blue corresponds to individual components. We are developing a serial section methodology to extend the two-dimensional chemical mapping by STXM ilustrated above into a full three dimensional chemical mapping of objects like toner particles at ~50 nm spatial resolution.

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