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Adam P. Hitchcock

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in Materials Research
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON
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Protein-Polymer Interactions studied by
Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy

WHO:  Adam Hitchcock,  Yew Meng Heng,
           John Brash, Rena Cornelius, McMaster University
           Harald Ade, NCSU
WHERE:  Advanced Light Source  BL 7.0  STXM
WHEN:   18 Apr 1999 POSTED:  21-Apr-99, updated 4-dec-00, 22-aug-02

WHAT:  Human serum albumin was deposited from a 5 mg/mL solution onto a phase segregated polyurethane. The focussed 50 nm beam of highly monochromatic, tunable X-rays of the ALS STXM was used to make a set of images at photon enegies in the C 1s region. Due to differences in the absorption spectra of the polymer components and the protein, the location of the protein is identified. Even in this multilayer adsorption, there is a clear preference for the protein to attach to the aromatic hard segments rather than the aliphatic (polyether) soft segments. Further work has shown that STXM can be used to study protein-polymer interactions at the monolayer level - see Hitchcock et al., J. Biomaterials Polymer Ed (2002)

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