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Adam P. Hitchcock

Canada Research Chair

in Materials Research
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON
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Staff scientist for commissioning soft X-ray beamline and X-ray microscope (CLS)

The soft X-ray spectromicroscopy project at the Canadian Light Source is seeking a scientist to help commission a soft X-ray undulator based beam line and associated scanning transmission x-ray microscope (STXM) end station. The beamline design is finalized and most components are on order for delivery in late spring or summer of 2003. The STXM will be modelled on the BL5.3.2 STXM at the ALS.

The successful applicant will work with beamline development scientist, Dr. Konstantin Kaznacheyev at the CLS in Saskatoon. The scientific leader of the project is Dr. Adam Hitchcock.

The position requires a PhD in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science/Engineering or a related discipline; knowledge of ultra high vacuum techniques and modern instrumentation, preferrably with experience in synchrotron beamline development, operation and maintenance.

The position will be posted formally on the CLS web site shortly. Contact Adam Hitchcock for further information or to indicate your interest.


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