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Gas Phase Core Excitation Database

What is this database ?                                                                               Core Excitation Bibliography

This data base contains over 600 gas phase core excitation spectra of more than 400 pure compounds recorded by dipole regime electron energy loss spectroscopy at McMaster University from 1984 to the present. Typical uses include help in identifying unknown species, and reference spectra for fitting spectra of mixtures, as encountered in X-ray or EELS spectromicroscopy.
The spectra are calibrated to well characterized secondary standards and the energy scales are generally accurate to 0.1 eV or better.
Each file contains at least two versions of the spectrum:
(1) the energy loss spectrum including pre-edge background on an accumulated count scale
(2) the same spectrum converted to an oscillator strength per atom scale.
In some cases a third version is included, whenever the signal of a known contaminant - typically nitrogen or oxygen - has been subtracted.

The spectra are accessed by

1) select from one of the three indices
index ordered by compound name
index ordered by molecular formula
Search Database

2) identify the species of interest

3) click on the filename link (e.g. for N2 , the filename is nn-0cckk.os). This will pop-up a window allowing you to
           display raw or oscillator strength spectra
           download the data as a text file.

The database was first assembled in 1994 by Adam Hitchcock and made available by Derrick Mancini at the Uppsala University X-ray web site in conjunction with a publication of an associated bibliography of gas phase core excitation spectra - A.P. Hitchcock and D.C. Mancini, J. Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 67 (1994) 1-123
The database was updated in 1998 by Laura Ennis.
The database was updated in 2002 by David Tulumello and Jasmyn Gill.
The plot display engine (in PHP) was added by David Tulumello in 2003.
The database structure and ploting system was updated by Jacob Stewart-Ornstein in 2005.

The latest version of the gas phase core excitation bibliography was produced in June 2016 and is a reasonably up-to-date listing of alll the literature reporting gas phase inner shell excitation (electron photon or thoery) up to mid-2016.

If you use any data from this database, please give appropriate credit to the source, both the database, and the publication in the original literature, for which a reference is provided in the file header if the spectrum has been published.

Spectra contained in this data base were recorded by one or more of the following:

Undergraduate students: T. Steel (1982), Rob McLaren (1986), Bruce Hollebone (1989), Rob DeWitte (1990), Stephen Urquhart (1992), John Lehmann (1998), Laura Ennis (1999), E. Al-Hassan (2000), Esta Halliday (2002), David Tulumello (2002, 2003)
Graduate students: Dave Newbury (1986), Alex Wen (1992), James Francis (1995), Stephen Urquhart (1997), Cassia Turci (1996), Gabriela Eustatiu (2000), Bob Lessard, Antonio Guerra, Jian Wang, Hua Zhang
Postdoctoral fellows: Izumi Ishii, Alex Wen
Visiting researchers: Eckart Ruhl, Mel Robin, Elizabeth Apen, Allen Johnson, Nobuhiro Kosugi, Christine Dezarnaud, Ed Rightor, Cassia Turci


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