The Brion fest was held from June 3 to Jun 5, 2002 at the Chemical Society of Canada 2002 at UBC, Vancouver, Canada. It featured the CIC mdeal lecture by Chris Brion, a 2-day symposium highlighting current work in the area of electron and photon impact spectroscopy, and several parties, including the old-timers reunion (Jun 2), a gala event hosted by Chris and Pauline (Jun 3), and the symposium banquet (Jun 4).

Please use the links below to view pictures and other material related to the celebration of one of Canada's outstanding physical chemists. Happy retirement, Chris !!   from  adam hitchcock, tong leung & yenyou zheng

Special Issue of Journal of Electron Spectroscopy Volume 123, Issues 2-3, Pages 103-409 (May 2002): Determination of cross-sections and electron momentum profiles of atoms, molecules & condensed matter

Brion memorabilia album                                Highlight photos of whole event

Photos from the Brion CIC Medal lecture and award luncheon

Photos from Chris & Pauline's party                Photos from the symposium banquet

List and contact info of the 'Brionites'


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