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LAST CHANGED: 13-Nov-2013 

0) (new install) If it does not exist, make folder c:\aXis2000

1) (change version) rename c:\axis2000 to c:\axis2000-ddmmmyyyy e.g. c:\axis2000-03Oct2010
     (OLD VERSION - keep in case new one is bad)
     then create new c:\aXis2000 folder

2) download and aXis2000.sav

3) unzip contents into c:\aXis2000 (using 'keep folder names' if your unzip has that as an option)
    After unzipping, there should be the following folders

4) copy aXis2000.sav into c:\aXis2000 folder

5) (change version) copy c:\axis2000-(OLD_VERSION)\axis.ini    to    c:\aXis2000\axis.ini
    (keeps the parts of axis2000 customized to your computer)

In general, while aXis2000 was designed to run with the code in any folder,
in fact it typically has errors or does not run, unless the code files are in c:\aXis2000

6) (new install for IDL 6.3 or earlier)
      If you have a license for IDL,
     A) make a desktop shortcut to the IDLDE.exe (development environment)
         e.g. for IDL6.3, the default location is C:\RSI\IDL63\bin\bin.x86\idelde.exe
     B) in IDLDE change the startup (underFile`preferences) to
                 Working directory: C:\aXis2000\         Startup file:

      If you do NOT have a license for IDL, you will use the virtual machine (VM) aspect of IDL
     A) make a desktop shortcut to c:\aXis2000\aXis2000.sav
         e.g. for IDL6.3, the default location is C:\RSI\IDL63\bin\bin.x86\idelde.exe
     B) change the Properties of the shortcut to add -vm=c:\axis2000\aXis2000.sav
                after the path to idlrt.exe (the IDL VM program)
        e.g. C:\RSI\IDL63\bin\bin.x86\idlrt.exe -vm=c:\axis2000\aXis2000.sav

7) (new install for IDL 7.0 or later) - this uses the ECLIPSE deveopment environment
     (NEEDS TO BE ADDED - aph 13-Nov-13)

Some tutorials are available to guide users through specific data analysis procedures:

   simple-tutorial        advanced-tutorial        stack_analyze              stack_fit

This package was developed and is maintained by Adam Hitchcock (1997..).
It contains code contributions from many people including:

Chris Jacobsen   Peter Hitchcock   Carl Zimba    Billy Loo    Eli Rotenberg     Jonathan Denlinger     Rick Kneedler   Jacob Stewart-Ornstein     Goran Johansson


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