Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 114-116 (2001)1037-1042.

Transient ISEELS: a new probe of chemical reactions

A.P. Hitchcock, L.E. Ennis, J.F. Lehmann

Dept. of Chemistry, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada L8S 4M1

and M.K. Denk

Dept. of Chemistry, University of Toronto, Mississauga, Ontario L5L 1C6

(Received 12 Aug 2000; accepted 12 Sep 2000)


       An inner shell electron energy loss spectrometer has been adapted as a probe of chemical reactions by coupling its gas phase interaction region to the output of a variety of chemical reactors including thermolysis, gas phase reaction, and heterogeneous reaction systems. Three examples of transient-ISEELS studies are presented: in situ generation of a reactive carbene by thermolysis of its stable dimer; reaction of a silylene with N2O in the gas phase; and the heterogeneous reactions of H2S and H2O with crystalline boron in a heated quartz tube. In the latter example, temperature dependent inner shell excitation spectra, mass spectrometry and ab initio calculations were used to show that in the high temperature limit the reaction of H2S (g) and B(s) over SiO2 (s) gives rise to borine (HBO), a species previously un-detected from this reaction chemistry.

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