Adam P. Hitchcock

Professor, Canada Research Chair in Materials Research - CLS/CCRS

 B.Sc. (McMaster), Ph.D. (British Columbia), F.C.I.C. 

Mailing Address:
Dr A.P. Hitchcock
Department of Chemistry
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ont., Canada
L8S 4M1

 Office: ABB-422 
Laboratory: ABB-332 

Voice (905) 525-9140, ext. 24749
FAX   (905) 521-2773



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Chemical Analysis by Electron and X-ray Excited Inner-shell Spectroscopies

     Chemists usually think of valence-shell electronic excitation (i.e. UV-visible spectroscopy) when they wish to learn something about a substance through a study of its electronic structure. In fact, there are many advantages to the use of inner-shell spectroscopies for chemical and materials investigations. These include: a much less congested spectroscopy than UV-visible; atom-localised electronic states such that the electronic structure about specific elements can be investigated even in the presence of many other elements. My group is at the forefront of the field of inner-shell spectroscopy, both in terms of developing new techniques and new applications.

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