chapter xx in Volume 1 of "Chemical Applications of Synchrotron Radiation" (T.K. Sham, ed.) (World Scientific, 2001)

Photoionization Dynamics from Inner shell Mass Spectrometry

Adam P. Hitchcock

Dept of Chemistry, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON L8S 4M1 Canada

and John J. Neville

Dept of Chemistry, University of New Brunswick, Box #45222 Fredericton, NB E3B 6E2 Canada

(Received 15 Apr 2000)



       A review is presented of photofragmentation dynamics of inner shell excited molecules as studied by synchrotron based, core excitation mass spectrometry and multi-ion coincidence detection. Typical experimental techniques are described and illustrated with results of recent studies. The extraction of details of the kinematics of the fragmentation pathways of multi-charged ions through analysis of the ion-ion coincidence peak shapes is outlined. Recent novel results are highlighted and a bibliography of gas phase inner shell molecular photofragmentation studies is provided.

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